Is Artbox Malaysia Worth Checking Out?

With social media being abuzz with the first ever Artbox event in Malaysia, a few colleagues plus myself decided to brave the Friday after-work traffic and head over to Sunway City to check out the event!

I personally have not been to Artbox in BKK but I will share a couple of insights and a few tips on surviving Artbox Malaysia. Hope you find it useful 🙂

TL;DR? Just go through the tips then…


1. Parking / Transportation

If you often go to Sunway Pyramid you would know that whenever there is an event in that area, the congestion will be terrible. Same goes to this event, where getting in and out of the carpark was tedious.


  • Take the LRT to USJ 7 and switch to the BRT Line then stop at the Sunway Lagoon station.
  • If you really have to drive, then I would suggest to park at LRT stations and then do the above.


2. Space / Vendors

Personally I was expecting a variety of well-curated vendors who does local handmade / artisan along with international vendors. But I may have placed my expectation too high as I did not find many of it to be unique.

On the other hand, as the stalls are very closely placed which makes the area very dense and packed especially when there is a high amount of crowd. I definitely did not have a pleasant shopping / browsing experience because most of the time I just want to get out of the area even if I see something that I am interested in.

Speaking about crowd, the line at the F&B zone was the worst. There was just no clear separation of walkway and queue which make the maneuvering difficult. I am sure there are stalls that serves delicious F&B but the sight of the crowd pushing through with the long queue lines just deterred me from eating there.


  • Don’t go there on an empty stomach as you will get HANGRY while queuing. Or else, just head over to Sunway Pyramid to get some fast food.
  • Bring a mini fan to keep yourself cool as it can get really hot especially when sardined in a crowd! Stay hydrated too…
  • Bring enough cash if you want to shop!


3. Others

  • I found it very odd that there was no portable toilets for an event at this scale. So I double checked again on the directory map and there wasn’t any.
    • Tips: The closest toilet near Artbox will be at Pinnacle or Sunway Pyramid…so do your business before going over!
  • Weather is unpredictable these days. It can be scorching hot one minute and drizzling shortly after.
    • Tips: Wear outfit that is comfortable and also pack a small umbrella. You never know when you might need it!

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4. Things that I like

  • The event is a no-smoking zone!
  • I did not manage to go through each booth due to the crowd. However, I have spotted some which you can visit. I don’t have all the booth numbers so just click the link below!
    • Sylph Handmade – Love the origami earrings! Priced between RM 90 – RM160
    • Dig Deep Within – A collection of vintage shirts and unique jackets. I am not sure of the booth number but you can spot them with the colourful JAMS jacket @ RM230!
    • Studio Saturday – cute pins!
    • The Florest – Create dried flower creations. The flowers in the bottle were too pretty to resist!
    • Moonset – Stylish backpack, shoulder bag & waist bag from Thailand. Price range from RM40 and above.
    • Pastry Delight – No it is not what is sounds like but their soy candle smells good enough you would want to eat it..haha!
    • Wear A Wish – Super cute animal rings! There a unicorns, seal wearing a mini crown etc. If I remember correctly the ring was priced @ RM120.
    • Tiny Pinc – Adorable miniatures of Malaysian food in the form of accessories (earrings / bracelet / necklace)!

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All in all, if you have the time & patience to brave through both traffic & human congestion, do head over to Artbox Malaysia! Or else, just shop online 🙂

9 thoughts on “Is Artbox Malaysia Worth Checking Out?

  1. wa this is fast! I saw the video on the queue. honestly I will not be going there because the Q is crazy. plus the rainy weather, I rather save my money and go to BKK for it lol.


  2. Hahaha semestinya datang dengan poket penuh pulang dengan poket kosong, nasib baik guna grab pay itupun kalau bernasib baik. Tapi mesti seronok dapat lihat budaya dan cara hidup mereka melalui apa yang mereka jual


  3. Wahh, tq for the suggestion booth. Btw, feel not to come when I see the crowd and the hassle. Lol. Agree the importance of toilet facilities at event place. Not convenient as visitor need to go far away from toilet business.


  4. Good sharing!!Salute you lah because willing to attend this event. Some people like me never been attend event like this because the environment looks crazing.


  5. when something or somewheregetting viral memang akan ramai org.. all things will be terrible. thats yi dont liketo go placesor food which is viral around 2,3 months.. some more i need to bring my kids along. but its good place to shop things i mean special things


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