Gaston Luga Pråper Review

Backpacks are usually not my first choice of bag for daily use as I prefer sling bags that has easier reach to my personal belongings. However, when it comes to travel, I would use backpack due to the size, whereby I am able to fit in more items like my camera, power banks etc inside.

Seeing the Gaston Luga brand around for a couple of years and made me fall in love with the design of their bag which is minimal and stylish. When they emailed me for a collab, I decided to go with Pråper (Black) as I wanted a bag that could match with any outfits, minimal and not too loud. Plus, unique metal hook closure caught my eye since I already have a bag similar to their Clässic range. Although I was super tempted to get the green one, I chose black in the end 🙂

Made with thick canvas and vegan leather, the bag contains a 13″-15″ laptop compartment & two small inner pockets. The inner lining is in maroon which makes the bag look extra luxurious. At the back of the backpack has a small pocket which enables easy access to items like lip balm and parking/entrance tickets. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend putting your passport/money at this compartment even though it is technically resting behind the back. I am super paranoid especially when the compartment has no zipper and has a small room for exposure.

I love the design & look of the bag. However, I did not like the canvas strap as it is not padded. When I am out and about carrying my laptop and other items that makes the bag go up to at least 4kg, my shoulders ache after a while.

Overall, I would use it as a casual bag without putting in much heavy items like my laptop and camera. The other thing that I noticed was the quality. A small part of the paint from the black metal hook chipped off within my first day of using it along with the canvas forming those little ball/knots within the next few days.

Retailing at RM719 on Gaston Luga’s website, if you love the style and willing to sacrifice comfort, you may go ahead to purchase it. However if you prefer comfort, do look for their other bags with padded straps.

Christmas is almost here and Gaston Luga is offering a FREE cardholder with any purchase of their bags. Besides that, they offer FREE shipping too!

Get 15% off your purchase when you key in the code ‘lichuen‘ on Gaston Luga’s website.

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