Sudio Tolv Review + 15% discount

Wireless earphones is super trendy nowadays.

Stepping up their game, Sudio recently released their second truly wireless earphones – TOLV that boast better specs compared to their previous model.

TOLV is really convenient since I am able to pair it with my phone or laptop upon taking it out from the casing. The white blinking lights indicates that the pairing mode is already activated.

There is no need to press any buttons on the wireless earphones. Just turn on the device bluetooth, select Sudio Tolv and voilà! Even better, the earphones auto connects to your saved device as long as the bluetooth is turned on 🙂

It will also automatically disconnect itself once the earphones are placed back into the casing.

With a battery life of 7 hours, I can enjoy the audio back to back without the need of recharging midway. I could binge watch a couple of series or movies on Netflix easily, along with some music break in between!

TOLV’s casing is definitely smaller compared to the previous model, which makes it even less space consuming when I want to carry it around in my bag especially when traveling. The dangerous thing about a smaller casing is that it could get lost in my black hole of a bag. However, the leather rope is super useful to hook it onto a clasp in my bag which allows instantaneous access.

The storage casing also acts as a portable charger which provides 4 times extra charge for the earbuds, giving the TOLV up to 35 hours of battery life in total. With my current usage, I will only need to charge it after 3-4 days.

Retailed at RM 549, use the code ‘itschuen‘ to receive at 15% off your purchase! Shipping is FREE worldwide & all purchase from Sudio’s official website comes with 1 year international warranty!

Don’t miss out the current summer promotion (until 31st July) whereby every purchase of earphones/ headphones comes with a free Sudio tote bag.

13 thoughts on “Sudio Tolv Review + 15% discount

  1. Wireless earbud it’s getting famous nowadays. May I know how about the sounds quality? Is it good and comparable to Airpod? The case and design its really nice.


  2. tese looks so classy and nice! but i’m hopeless with these kinda small things… confirm hilang one! huhuh


  3. Mula-mula kita ingat sabun tadi rupanya earphone hehehehe comel dan juga nampak bergaya lah wireless lak tu lagi senang nak guna hehehe kita juga suka dengar muzik…..


  4. Menarik earphone tu. Macam best jer, kena beli satu nih boring-boring layan lagu sambil golek-golek atas katil best juga! tak ada wayar berselirat dekat badan he he he


  5. Wah … Tanpa wayar terbaik laaaa.. Lebih stylo dan tak de laaaa tersangkut memana nanti. Tapi tu laaaa harga nya kena simpan duit dulu. Huhuuu


  6. nampak sangat eksklusif lah earphone dari sudio nie. warna hitam nampak betul2 classy dan elegant. nanti nak beli satu lah untuk diri sendiri. jadikan sebagai hadiah pon nice jugak nie


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