Topologie Fold Saccoche Dry Review


Most of the time, I feel like I am carrying too much items in my daily bag which makes it a load to carry. I’ve been searching for a mini sling bag online for some time but didn’t manage to come across designs that I like.

Topologie contacted me and presented their new range of dry bags collection. Honestly, I have never heard about this brand before but after scrolling through their Instagram & website, I found the perfect sling bag as it looks very sporty and edgy!

Topologie’s design is inspired by rock climbing gears, adapted into urban & functional accessories. The DRY collection is PU coated, water-repellent & lightweight which makes my gadgets well protected when it is raining outdoors.

Fold Saccoche Dry has 4 compartments in total

  • Front zipper pocket
  • Internal zipper pocket
  • Mesh pocket with zipper
  • Back pocket with snap button

For the mesh & back pocket I usually put items that I don’t need full water-repellent coverage. But I really love using the front & internet zipper pocket to place my mobile and sometimes compact camera as it is fully PU coated with zipper.

I managed to take this bag along with me to my island trip in Pulau Besar and during the transfer trip from the main land to island, the boat ride was really choppy and my items stayed dry throughout the 1 hour journey!

Also I love that this bag is really convenient especially when I head out to run errands or out for coffee with friends. I’ll just throw in my essentials and I am ready to go! Occasionally, I will have to readjust the straps length as it goes off the length that I have set.

Visit Topologie’s website to check out their other bags! Comes with FREE shipping 🙂

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