Sudio Fem Review + 15% Discount

Heya! How’s everyone holding up during this Covid-19 lockdown? Since I’ve been mostly at home, I got to use the latest wireless earphone from Sudio pretty often especially with video calls with my friends!

Sudio Fem boasts the following features of:

  • 6 hours of playtime in a single charge with total 20 hours of battery life
  • Real clear voice with four microphones system
  • Splash, rain & sweat proof with IPX5
  • Touch control instead of buttons
  • Type C quick charging

As usual I have no qualms on their sound quality & noise reduction capabilities. This time, their call feature has improved from the previous predecessor, Tolv. I felt that the voice pick up is better especially when I’m speaking I do not have to speak at a louder volume and just at my usual tone. Plus, I do not have to constantly repeat myself. I thoroughly enjoyed using Sudio Fem during my video chats!

I personally do not like to blast audio out loud especially when there are other people at home be it housemates or family members. With everyone being in lockdown, I get to cancel out external noises while still maintain a certain level of privacy while watching videos, listening to music or podcasts. The fit of Sudio Fem is really snug and comfy too!

It is good that they came up with the touch controls instead of using buttons. However, I felt that it is not intuitive enough as when I am adjusting volume with 3 taps via the earphone, most of the time I end up skipping or pausing the song all together. So, I just resorted to sticking with my phone for the usual volume control.

Also, I accidentally dropped one side of the earphone on the tar road while getting onto the bus so now it has a small little dent on the right side. I would say it is still pretty sturdy considering that my sound quality, overall fit and connection capabilities is not affected.

Get 15% off your purchase with the code ‘itschuen15’ and receive FREE worldwide shipping along with 18 months international warranty! The grey crossbody pouch comes with you purchase until 30th April 2020. Shop now at Sudio.

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