Sudio Ett Review + 15% Discount

With Sudio constantly upping their game, this latest model comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and supports wireless charging! It comes with a USB C cable but if you already have your own wireless charger, all the better.

Compared to the previous model Sudio Fem whereby the touch controls wasn’t that great, Ett is back to utilising the button control which is preferable for the time being unless they manage to sort out the touch control in the near future. The button control for Ett is small but has good sensitivity so that you don’t have to press it too hard.

Ett boasts 6 hours of playtime or 4 hours with ANC. During phone calls, ambient noise is automatically let through so that you can hear yourself speaking at a suitable volume and not overly loud.

Other features & specs

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX5 water protection (splash proof)
  • 4 extra charges in the case
  • 90 mins to full charge
  • Driver size: 10mm
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 20khz
  • Impedance: 32±5Ω @ 1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 98±3dB @ 1kHz
  • Available in 4 colours: Black, White, Green, and Pink

Get a new Sudio tote bag for FREE with every purchase until end of July or while stocks last. Get 15% off your purchase with the code “itschuenEtt“.

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